Once a year Jaime and his wife Becky return to Quito Ecuador where Jaime's family lives. Here are some photos from their trip in 1999.

 Jaime Tree    Jaime at water park
 Becky at water park   Becky and Flowers 
 Jaime and Becky    Jaime and Becky - water park
 Part ways up Mt. Peguche - waterfall. Here are Becky and Jaime - standing on a log of all places - above rocks and running water.    Waterfall
 Water    Pedro [also a band member - who resides in Ecuador during the off season] with Jaime.
 Jaime and Pedro "on the rocks." Shaken, not stirred.    Rock
 David and the Witch Dr    An indian reservation. Here is the chief and David. He performs a "good luck" ceremony on David by drinking some potion and then spitting it on his hands or into the air. Chants, herbs, the works ~ We'll have to write David and see how his "luck" is coming along.....
 Some of Jaime's relatives, including brothers, nieces and nephews    The Family
 Family at the Fountain    Relatives at a park fountain in Riobamba
 "One more for me please!"
Not to be missed is the Andean drink of choice: canelazo (or canelito), a popular fiesta drink similar to a hot toddy, made of boiled water, sugar cane alcohol, lemon, sugar and cinnamon.
 The Girls    Jaime's sister Anita, niece Margarita, Mother and other sister Berta
 Jaime "kisses" the dinner. The night before leaving, the Encalada's threw a big dinner party. Here is the "fresh" crab catch of the day - all bundled together. And that's how ya carry 'em home from the market. Snap, snap and pass the butter!    Crabs

Some facts about Ecuador
Official Country Name: Republic of Ecuador

Area: 283,520 sq. km or roughly the U.S. state of Colorado

Capitol City: Quito (population 1.2 million)

Population: 12 million · 0-14 years: 35% · 15-64 years 60% · 65 years and over: 5%

Population density: 42 people per sq. km (one of highest in South America)

Life expectancy at birth: male: 68.49/female: 73.82

Ethnic Division:
· Mestizo (mixed Indigenous and Spanish): 45%
· Indigenous: 35%
· Spanish: 10%
· Black: 10%

Language: Spanish (official); numerous indigenous tongues. Quechua, the language of the Incas, is the most widely spoken indigenous language. English is widely-spoken among professionals, the elite and tourism providers.

Literacy: 90% of population over 15 years

Religion: 95% Roman Catholic; however most mestizos and indigenous converts combine Catholicism with animistic practices and beliefs.

Currency: was Sucre, recently changed to the all mighty US dollar

Electricity: same as the United States - 110 volts, 60 cycles (Hertz) AC.

Local Time: Eastern Standard on GMT-5 (same as New York, except during daylight savings months when Ecuador is one hour behind). The Galapagos is one hour ahead of the mainland.

Tourism: 500,000 visitors per year (1996)

Departure Tax : US$25 dollars is charged to each person leaving Ecuador via an international flight

Entry requirements: Ecuador requires a valid passport from all travelers, as well as proof of return or onward journey. However, few people ever get checked on the latter.