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Thank you for your music. You are beautiful.
Imagine walking into the Wichita Lawn & Garden Show last Saturday & hearing this haunting music being played. Immediately, I knew that I had to have a CD of this music. The beautiful thing was that one of the gardens that was entitled "Narnia". We walked thru a wardrobe into this magnificent winter garden & climbed a path that went upwards thru the story of Narnia. And in the background was this beautiful music being played. Of all the displays of gardens, of all the booths that we saw & flower displays, the thing that will always be remembered by me was the music that you could hear throughout Century II. I only hope I can hear them in a true concert sometime.......Thanks again.
Marilyn in Fredonia, Kansas

I was able to enjoy your music at our State Fair this year - thank you. Will you be anywhere near Indianapolis again this year? Thanks. ~Susan M
Hello. We just bought one of your cd's in Spring Green Wisconsin this past weekend and absolutely love it. Our daughter is getting married next year (date and place yet unknown) and we are wondering if you ever play for weddings. Any information you can give us would be appreciated. ~Vicky R. Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin
Dear Inkapirka, We just want to thank you all for your GREAT music, there's something really spiritual about it. My wife & I saw you playing at Town East Square in Wichita Kansas and Bought your CD ( Seranade ) about a year ago. since then, you music has really 'grown on us'. Anyhow, just wanted to say THANKS . . . . ~Robby & Linda C - Wichita KS
Had the pleasure of hearing you play at the Indiana State Fair, it was the most beautiful music I have heard. Thank you for making a CD so I might enjoy year round. Thank you again. ~Araina
We first heard Inkapirka in Door County, WI last October. We are going to be back there this weekend, Oct 8, 9 and are hoping that you will be back up there also. Please e-mail me and let me know if and where you will be in Door County. Thanks. Love your music!!! ~Linda W
Hi Guys, Just wanted to thank you for all the entertainment and relaxation I enjoyed every day at the Indiana State Fair. I never would have thought that I would be so interested in your music and all the different instruments. I am truly enjoying all four of the CDs I bought and hope you had a successful stay. I also hope you enjoyed the candy from the South Bend Chocolate Co.. Take care, ~John (The Chocolate Guy)
Was listening to one of your CDs this morning and am hoping you are coming back to the Indiana State Fair again this year. You probably won't remember me, but I waited on you several times at the "Four Seasons" Restaurant there in Indianapolis on Shadeland Avenue. We are hoping to see you at the State Fair. ~You didn't leave your name, but we think it is Jane or Lois!
Inkapirka, I have seen one other group from Ecuador called Ecuador Manta. I saw them about 6 years ago. So when a friend/co-worker was playing your cd Spirit of The Andes, I told her I have heard music like that before what is it and she told me who you were. She gave me copy your cd and I fell in love with your sound. She is from the Domincan Republic. I play it at work during nap time everyday and playtime sometimes. I play it at home. Your sound is so soothing and uplifting. I also wanted to know what your song Angel is about. I had a student say "Teacher why is that song so sad?" and I couldn't answer her. I thought that is sounded sad too but didn't know what it was about. If you could please help me on that one. Thank you very much for recording this cd that I have grown to enjoy so much. Good Luck and God Bless You! ~Shanna M, Day Care Teacher New Castle, Indiana
Hello Jaime and Patricio. You guys were great at the Eastland Mall here in Columbus Ohio. <snip> I really enjoy the CDs more then any other that I own. I had to go out all day today and your "Romance" CD was playing for most of the morning as I got ready to leave to go out. I even sat and listened to it while waiting for my bus to get me to take me back home. <snip> I hope that you will keep on coming back to Columbus Ohio. <snip> You have a fan for life! ~Pamela P
Hello. My name is Cindy C, and I am a 5th grade teacher in Knightstown, Indiana-USA. I heard your band last year while I was at the Indiana State Fair and purchased one of your CD's. I play it in my classroom...my students really enjoy it. We were wondering if you could tell us the names of the instruments you play. Your sound is so unique, and we're curious about what makes those sounds. Thank you. Sincerely, ~Mrs. C's 5th grade class Class: Stay in school, listen to your teacher & parents and eat all your vegetables! (Yes, even the icky ones)
Hello, I heard you at Octoberfest in Appleton, WI just today. I love your music. My husband bought me Seranade and Romance. I am listening to them now. Great! Love it! Please let me know if your ever in the area again. ~Marge In Appleton, WI
Boy am I glad you guys surfaced again on the web. I bought my copy of Milleneum at a fair in Illinois, lent it to a business associate and haven't seen it since. It doesn't surprise me that he won't give it back, and I don't really begrudge it, but I was getting a little desperate at the thought of never having a copy of my own again. Thankfully I can now get another. ~Nick
Inkapirka, Just a note to tell you I enjoyed your music and sound at Sturgeon Bay this past Saturday. I am enjoying the CD this week. Your music was a soothing contrast to the 'noise' that was going on at the other end of the block. Best Wishes. I'll order another CD in the future. ~Rick S
Hi, I remember hearing you every year at the Indiana State Fair that we had gone to. However, this year you really struck a chord within me. My husband and I went this last August and I bought your Echoes of the Andes CD. My husband, Jon, was in a motorized wheelchair as a result of cancer treatments. He passed away on December 2, 2004. But while he was ill, I played your CD in my car when waiting on him during his treatments and while he was in the hospital. And since he passed away the music has been a great comfort to me as well. I don't know how you do it - you make a song melancholy and uplifting within itself - especially within track 11, October Harvest. I will be sending for another one of your CDs soon. Thank you. ~Charlotte C (Thank you Charlotte and bless you)
Hi, Last weekend in Grand Haven, MI, I asked if I could take some pictures of the guys as they were playing, and was told....of course you can! How refreshing it was to hear that! Even though they didn't all come out as good as I had hoped, I did manage to get a few that I thought were really keepers. I also promised to send them along, so here they are. I hope you all like them as much as I have enjoyed your music for the last 10 years! Thank you for the beautiful music! ~Toni L. *SEE PICTURES - CLICK HERE.
Hello, We very much enjoyed your music at the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin last month. Attached are a few photos from last month's festival. Hope you enjoy them. Thank you, again. ~Don and Patti *SEE PICTURES - CLICK HERE.
I enjoyed your music. Having your group in the Water Garden Society display is a treat. Thank you. And I will enjoy the CDs. ~Pat W.
i am jeanne originaly from western ontario cree tribe and french canadian enjoyed your music again this year at grand haven and bought your latest cd will send you my ugly photo then maybe you will remember me ha ha told your wife i spent time many years ago in santo domingo dominican republic also puerto rico and have many armandos friends from your country would you please send me your gig schedule by e mail. Are you ever or do you have any t shirts with your name on them if not sure wish you would can you send me autograph of all of you please we are in kalamazoo area wonder if you eve go to pow wows i can send you indian affairs newsletter from lansing it is free and list all the pow wows in michigan and i know you would be very welcome to play there as i have heard other groups mucho gratias god bless j g p and carolyn kalamazoo hope to hear from you
Hi, Saw Inkarpirka today at Indiana State Fair, would like to know where you will be next? ~Thank You Dick K
Hello, Just wanted to say that I heard your group at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday, August 14, 2004. I was deeply touched by your music. So much so that I had to buy the ECHOES OF THE ANDES cd. I will be ordering the rest of your cd's very soon! Please keep us informed on your website where you will be performing. I want my wife to hear your group in person. Thanks for adding some special music to my life. ~Ron S, Jamestown, Indiana
Here are a few photos from the Kansas City Flower, Lawn and Garden/HOME Show. ~Sandy S., Kansas City Parks and Recreation*SEE PICTURES - CLICK HERE.
Enjoyed your music very much. Bought Millenium & Seranade. Took them to work and really enjoyed them. Others have commented favorably also. Thanks so much. Plan on obtaining more music CD's through your website. God Bless ~Don H
My wife and I really enjoyed your music at the Kansas City Home and Garden Show Sunday. I purchased your CD "Echoes of the Andes" and it has been playing on my stereo most of the time since we got home. I look forward to purchasing more of your music. Please come back to Kansas City. Regards, ~Tom & Nancy F

My family and I saw you at the Home & Garden Show in Wichita, KS, your music is very alluring! We were strolling through a beautiful Asian garden when you began playing, it truly added to the experience, and a very pleasant surprise when I stepped out and you guys where playing live. To my disappointment I wasn't able to watch for long, but I circled back around and bought your "Echoes of the Andes" cd. Thank You, ~Marilyn H.

My daughter, Vanessa, my friend Pam and I were at Towne East on Saturday, February 14, 2004 shopping for some good buys. The music you were playing was awesome!!!! When we came back we decided to come and buy on of the CD's you offered for sale. The music was sooooo relaxing, and with the stress in our lives we decided we needed your CD to calm us. Please keep up the haunting tunes you were playing. They are very beautiful. Muchas Gracious, ~Celebrian
We were at a festival at Noblesville Indiana and I picked up a cd (Seranade) and really enjoyed it. Just a note to let you know. Keep up the good work. Oh, I also had the group sign my cd while I was there. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!! ~Dave & Linda W
Hi there, We were at the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven while you were performing. You indicated that you would post a picture of Michael on the site. ~Richard M.*SEE PICTURES - CLICK HERE.
We missed you at the Boyne City National Mushroom Hunting Contest this year. How much do you charge to play a "gig" around the central Illinois area? I've bought four or five of your tapes (given some away to friends) and will send a check for some CD's. Just love your music! Thanks, and God Bless! ~Martina
Inkapirika I saw you at Art festival in Edmond. I was attracted by this heavenly melody and so I bought the"Echoes of the Andes". I really want to buy the other two cd's . I will be waiting for you at the Hutch festival (06-29),dont fail to turn up with the other two. ~Robert I.

Hello, Just wanted to drop a line and ask if you were ever planning to sell your CD's in the stores. My family and myself love your music, and are constantly searching the music sections of the local stores in hopes to find you there!! Keep up the good work and hope to see you again this year at the Indiana State Fair!! ~Susan G and Family
I live in Tampa in the winter, a couple from Racine live next to me during the winter. They have never heard of Inkapirka before and when I told them one of my favorite music groups was from Racine they were really amazed. I let them listen to Magical Dreams and Millenium and they said WOW. Their African Grey Bird even loved listening to the CDs. and he even spoke to say " Oh Boy Pretty Music" honestly. I explained I see you every year at the Indiana State Fair and go to the fair only to hear you. They will be looking your web site up when they come home to Racine next week and will try to make it to a location to hear you play. I listen to your CDs all the time. ~Gregory G, Big Fan
Just wanted to say we love your music. Heard you for the first time at the Jonquil Festival in Washington, Arkansas! Couldn't imagine what brought you here, but after looking at your past schedules I can see you make alot of the festival. We are very glad you made this one. Your music is very beautiful. We purchased one of your CD's and had to play it as soon as we got home. Keep up the good work. By the way do you have a listing of festivals or events that you will be playing at? My husband (Tom) and I (Brenda) would love to see you perform again. Once again we enjoyed the performance very much!
My Dear Friends, I have just about worn your CD out, I play it constantly. I am a Native American and I really enjoy the music. I met you guys in the Gilbraltar Trade Center in Taylor just before Christmas of 2002. Just wanted to know if you do weddings. I am getting married in June of this year and it is a traditional Indian wedding. Besides the usual Indian flute and drum, I would really enjoy your music for our wedding and reception. If this is not possible, I will understand. I will still look forward to hearing and seeing you again. Keep up the good work and the best of luck to all of you. Your Friends and Followers ~ Bruce and Deirdre
Hello, I've seen Inkapirka at Harborfest, South Haven MI. We have all but one CD . Hoping to see you in South Haven this year to get the new one( or I'll just order on line, but I'd rather see you in person) Year 2000 was great when Inkapirka was on the main stage. It's fun to see all the different ages of people who enjoy your music. Last year 2002, I bought an extra cd and gave it as agift to a friend, and of course she loves it. Hoping to see you soon ~ Kellie and Steve
This is Art, Kelly, and Stuart....Your regulars from Grand Haven. Missed the show last summer. I was sooooo busy. We moved to a small town called Sparta about 40 miles from Grand Haven. However, we promised ourselves that we will go back "home" to see you guys when you get here. Pat!!! The kids have grown and are soooo cute!!! You must be so proud of them!! Rebecca and Jaime, the pics of your last trip are wonderful. Looks like it was a nice romantic get-a-way for the both of you. I am glad to see that Pedro is smiling in his picture. Getting him to smile is one of my favorite things to do :) I am so glad I found your web site I miss you all!! Take care of you and yours,~ Art, Kelly and "baby" Stuie
Have seen you at the Indiana State Fair even since you first came. Simply love your music. It is beyond description. My brother John had the Colombo Yougurt trailer just south of you. He told me you gave him several of your CDs. He was a great fan of yours. Sorry to say he passed away last October at the North Georgia State Fair he was working. Thanks for blessing us with the true international language, music. ~Bob
[Thank you for sharing with us Bob. Your brother will be truly missed]
Ohhh I just LOVE your Music. We were at the Gibraltor trade Center in Mt.Clemens Mi. and I heard you the minute we walked thru the doors what a "beautifulllllll " sound now I'm sad because I just read that I could have had you sign my Cd that I bought and I didn't even ask :0( If I EVER get lucky enough to see you again I will ask because I know you will be going place's with your AWESOME sounds. Best of LUCK on your trip to FAME!! Peace and Many Blessings to all of you and yours! ~Roni
I have a friend I used to work with who was from Barnsville who spoke of the annual Pumpkin Festival. After 30 years, my wife and I finally drove the 175 miles from the Greater Cleveland Area to see it. The Pumpkin Festival was nice and about what we had expected. What I didn't expect was to find an awesome Ecuadorian band playing on a spot on the sidewalk. I thought I had never heard your music before, but after buying "Echoes of the Andes" I remembered we had heard at least 2 selections during the "Stars on Ice" performance this past winter. Anyway, now we are hooked on your music...especially like "Sad Little Girl". You should be playing bigger venues for much big bucks! I'm sure you will very soon. ~Bob & Pat
Hi! My daughter and I saw Inkapirka the last few years at the Indiana State Fair. She is now 8 years old and LOVES this music! This year you played a song for us. You may remember her - she is Korean and her name is Anna. She listens to the CD nearly every day and I ordered her a Zamponia with an instruction booklet tonight. She wants to learn to play it! Thanks for the beautiful music! I also enjoy it. ~Dawn & Anna P.
<snip> I have listened to your music at different locations and find it very relaxing and soothing. Keep up the great sound!! ~Thank you, Sue
Rebecca, I enjoyed the music at the Amish Cheese Festival on Labor Day Weekend very much. <snip> The music touched me deeply and I splurged and bought a CD. I played and played it throughout last fall and winter. So I was anticipating hearing the guys play again, and they are even better than I'd remembered. I like the vocals that they do and enjoyed just watching them perform with the beads and that shaker thing-a-ma-jig. <snip>
~ Cotton Bolls and Roses! Jewel
Hi Guys
As usual, the high point of the Indiana State Fair was the opportunity to see you perform once again. We were especially happy for the chance to visit with you, and catch up on how you have been. You sounded better than ever and the new CD is fantastic! We had a 3 hour drive back home, and we listened to it the whole way. We listen to it often, and look forward to the next time we can hear you live. And by the way Jaime...the vocals on the CD are great. Like I told you at the Fair, you should sing more often! Thank you all for sharing with us the gift of your music. We hope you are all well and wish you the very best. Be safe in your journeys.
Your friends.... ~Andre and Roberta

Hi! I saw the group in Grand Haven Michigan and both my daughter and I loved the lively beat and unfamiliar tunes of the music. <Snip> ~Jon Marie H.

I've been listening you your music for the past year on a number of Native and New Age music stations 'online'. We had the opportunity to listen and watch you all perform at the Indiana State Fair this past Tuesday (Aug 13): we were there as employees of Purdue University for the PU Day at the Fair. OUTSTANDING! Jaime .. you're talent on the Andean flute is mezzmorizing. And the work of Pedro on the ultra-small guitar is magical! The music was captivating. The real hi-light for us at the Fair!! We purchased your latest CD, "Endless Journey" and will be procurring the other two. <Snip> Thank you again for a wonderful musical experience. ~Les
I heard you guys play at a festival in Howell Michigan a year or two ago. AWESOME!! I loved your music but could only buy one CD. Hope you come back around again. God speed you on your journeys ~ Charles D
Greetings, I just heard Inkapirka at the Indiana State Fair. I was very impressed. I bought "Echos of the Andes," and have listened to it constantly since then. I have cut a 30 second snippet of "Piel Morena" and placed it on my website along with the link to your site:


Thanks a lot, Larry S.[Thanks for the Plug Larry!]
Chris says: I've seen Inkapirka at the Indiana State Fair a few times. I very much enjoy their performance and music <snip>.
[Chris - thanks for the offer to convert to MP3's, will be in touch if we decide to take on that task ~ webmaster, Kristin]
I work in a hospital and a patient's family member had your CD playing and you could hear it down the hallways. It caught my attention immediately! The patient who is in a comatose state was having the pleasure of listening to the song Let It Be. I had to find out who this was singing so the patients husband showed me the CD and the rest is history. I will be ordering your CD in the very near future. Lisa

Thank you for your wonderful music :>) Have seen you perform at the Cedarhurst Craft Festival in Mt. Vernon, IL. Love to listen to your performances, hard to pull self away to look at the booths. Finally bought a CD - Endless Journey. It's good CD's don't wear out like tapes, I've only had it a couple of weeks, but have played over & over. Am ordering the other CD's. Again thank you for the enjoyment you give me through your music. Keep up the good work. Jill N.

Lisa H. says: Hi! We've seen you several times at the St. Martin's Fair in Franklin, WI. Bought the CD's--the music is phenomenal! It's just perfect to listen to at summer parties and fairs. Hope to catch you again soon!

We would like to thank Duane H. and his wife for emailing us to say they saw us in Howell, MI and enjoyed our music. What do ya know? They bought a CD! Keep the emails coming and we'll keep the music flowing.

From Jean: "Thank you Inkapirka for your beautiful music ... I have just come home from the Indiana State Fair (Aug 14), third year I've seen the band there, you are wonderful."

Lisa & Michael: "Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we heard you play at the Indiana State Fair last weekend. We were moved deeply by your music! You guys are fabulous! We have the 'Magical Dreams' CD and hope to collect the rest in the near future! Thank you for helping to make a great day even more memorable!"